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Future Fantastic Timeline (NLP)

* This is Best Listened to with Headphone.

Do you want to set a goal and actually achieve it! Of course you do. We all have things we would like to achieve. In this video I am going to teach you an amazing technique that will help you to get real clarity on your goal so you can make it reality.

This is a strategic planning tool that many ‘fortune 500’ companies have paid a fortune to consultants to have them come in and use with their top executives. These big corporations spend that money because it works!

And it can work for you to!

This Timeline exercise is the perfect companion for the Trypnosis session: Making Your Future Fantastic:…


Timelines are a technology from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and were created by Dr Richard Bandler.

This video uses cutting edge Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Music Technology:

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