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Effortless Success: the Secret of Success

In this video John Vincent discusses the law of attraction and how the new thought authors such as Wallace Wattles, author of the science of getting rich have been miss quoted and misunderstood…

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What is NLP and How Can NLP Enhance Your Life

In this video John Vincent focuses predominantly on the latter half of the question, how NLP can benefit and enhance your life. Giving a brilliant overview of the powerful mind hacks…

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Morning Gratitude Booster – Morning Gratitude Meditation

Because Like Attracts Like… In this video John Vincent (Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer) takes you on a relaxing and uplifting guided meditation to boost your gratitude at the start of the day.

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Future Fantastic Timeline (NLP)

Do you want to set a goal and actually achieve it! Of course you do. We all have things we would like to achieve. In this video I am going to teach you an amazing technique that will help you to get real clarity on your goal so…

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Timothy Leary quotes, ‘find the others’

In this video I have taken one of my favourite Timothy Leary quotes, ‘find the others’, mixed it with the music of amAya and created a video that I hope you enjoy. Timothy Leary, psychonaut…

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Rice Consciousness Experiment

This is the second time I have conducted this experiment. Both times I have had the same results, this time I recorded it. The only difference between these to jars is the energy…

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